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LSTM Cells

I haven’t quite got to LSTM in my book yet, but they were talkinga bout them in the TensorFlow Dev Summit. I found this neato resource The LSTM’s really remind me of logic gates.  Especially flip-flop, where they put together … Continue reading

February 17, 2017 AI Bridge Project

TensorFlow Summit

This tool is pretty neat.  It lets you visualize your data. It would be neat if I could map different bridge hands into 3D space for display

February 16, 2017 AI Bridge Project

Neat Images

I thought this article had some neat images!    

AI Bridge Project

TenserFlow 1.0

Looks like there is a new release of TensorFlow.  I see there is an 8 hour video!  Looks like good watching, perhaps this weekend?

AI Bridge Project

Well I guess someone beat me to the punch

I found an amazing journal entry explaining exactly what I wanted to do!  They even did a better job than I was thinking. They got around the ‘double dummy’ by dealing 5 hands.  A pretty good idea.  They also … Continue reading

AI Bridge Project

Deep Learning

This Deep learning book is turning out to be very technical.  But it is terrific!  It explains in technical detail exactly what each function does and the reasoning behind it. My purpose of learning this deep learning is the develop … Continue reading

February 14, 2017 AI Bridge Project

Next on the list

A neat primer!    

February 3, 2017 AI Bridge Project

First bidding Tensorflow

So, I gave my neural network 2 hands, the first one it says I should pass and the second I should bid 18. ha! What is all that red stuff? I guess the syntax in the example is depreciated. I’ll … Continue reading

February 1, 2017 AI Bridge Project


So it looks like Tensor flow has a highlevel API tf.contrib.learn which should be easier than the example I looked at yesterday. It has a training dataset using IRIS (the flower), whereby data is imported via CSV file.  So I’ve … Continue reading

AI Bridge Project


Last night I listened to this podcast It was a real eye opener how much I have to learn!

AI Bridge Project