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July 20, 2009


Hi There!

My name is Mark, I work and live in Kingston, Ontario. I’ve got a lovely wife Shona, and two adorable children Aaron and Layla.



  1. Erin says...

    Mark, I forgot you had a website, until I checked it out and saw your awesome New Years Resolution fro 2010. I started something pretty similar……/For_the_Love_of_Paper/For_the_Love_of_Paper.html


  2. Mark says...

    Hey Erin! So you are just starting? What am amazing and ambitious project. Some of your book list looks like fun, while some of it looks like work :) (The Odyssey! War and Peace!) It seems like you have a good balance. If you don’t mind, I might use your list next year! It depends how much reading I can do once our son is born.

    A couple of tips
    - start out strong, try to read 2 books a week for the first little bit.
    - get your books from the library, due dates can be a great motivator to get them read by a certain date
    - set allotted time in your schedule to read
    - get some good earplugs (
    - If you find yourself lapsing pickup an easier book.

    I’ve subscribed to your blog, and I can’t wait to read your reviews :)


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